Just a day out in Oranjestad, with Sunset Car Rental!

Just a day out in Oranjestad, with Sunset Car Rental!

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  • 16.01.14

Aruba “The Happy Island” is known for its beautiful Caribbean beaches and perfect weather. The beaches in Aruba consistently rank among the best, not only in the Caribbean, but in the world. For the convenient of tourist Sunset car rental being a reputed name in Aruba which offer the most reliable, easy and appropriate car rental services. We provides car services in all over Aruba with guaranteed good car and fair price ranging from small, medium, mini or large fleets according to our Tourist’s requirements.

Oranjestad is the capital city of Aruba and one of the most tourist attractions in the small island. To view the natural beauty of capital people come from all over the world. Mega attraction in Oranjestad are “Fort Zoutman” which was built in 1798 by the Dutch army, it is the oldest structure on the island of Aruba. Talking of beaches there are numbers of beaches like “Eagle beach”, “Druif Beach”, “Palm Island”. The main attraction in city is “Archaeological Museum of Aruba” which covers the collections from 2500 BCE to the 19th century.

Apart from this there is multi purpose stadium named as “Trinidad Stadium”. It is Aruba's National Stadium, named after Guillermo Trinidad, a politician from the same neighborhood. If you are in Aruba you are not afford to miss out the “Hooiberg” which is 165m high volcanic formation on the island of Aruba. It is located almost in the center of the island and can be seen from virtually anywhere on the island. Oranjestad is different in many ways and now it is on everybody's tour itinerary while visiting Aruba.

Travel with Sunset car rental to the eye-catching Capital city of Aruba will be definitely a memorable part of your life. You can enjoy your valuable time with us and we feel proud to serve our customers like loved ones.

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